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@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2024-04-23T16:37:46Z

The canal at Bradford-on-Avon


Abstract of rust and blue and red paint on a canal boat
@typodermic@mastodon.social 2024-04-23T00:39:35Z

Each pane in this tapestry of glass tells its own story, set in a rust-hued frame of industrial days past. The precarious sliding door, with its broken rail, hints at tomes best left unopened. 🚪🔍


The photograph displays a close-up of an old factory wall with a variety of windows. Each window pane has a unique appearance—some clear, some frosted, and some broken—housed in a wall of red and brown rusted corrugated metal. A sliding door section to the right looks damaged, with its rail appearing bent, suggesting that it may not function properly. The image captures the unique character of the building's aged exterior, full of texture and color variations.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2024-04-22T09:11:45Z

Edges 1.

A colour photograph showing a small section of boat hull with horizontal sections of colour from prussian blue at the top of the frame through orange and weathered red filling most of the rest of the frame edged in an irregular blue edge.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2024-04-22T09:09:37Z


A colour photograph showing the faded letters a and c in white on the side of a red skip with peeling red paint.
@QueenKong@mastodon.social 2024-04-15T10:41:09Z

Triptych of the unloved (2024).
iPhone camera, sigital processing, Polaroid i-Type film emulsion lift on watercolor paper.

Triptych of dandelion flowers in urban areas. Polaroid emulsion lift.
@derekvanvliet@mastodon.social 2024-04-17T18:05:49Z

riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1332

monochrome photo of a specialized diverge gravel bike standing next to a wall. The bottom of the wall is made of concrete and above that the wall is made of corrugated metal. The ground below the bike is asphalt.
@blankfrank@gram.social 2024-04-17T14:18:44+00:00 THE STRUGGLE IS REAL
#Herengracht #Amsterdam #Flowers #Decay
The corner of a window with a rotting white wooden frame and flower box. Slightly to the left of center in the frame, a wilting dandelion is standing upright in the flower box.
@sbphoto@federated.press 2024-04-13T17:15:23Z

From the archives. Salton Sea, CA, USA. February 2018.

An abandoned tire repair shop is bathed in pink light from the setting sun. Desert scrub brush and a large lake below a mountain range are visible in the distance.
@GetCarter@mastodonapp.uk 2024-04-06T16:27:22Z

Stormy weather.

High winds creating spray over the loch.
@SingingLehrerin@sueden.social 2024-04-05T08:19:11Z

aus Bamberg

Das Bild zeigt die Fassade eines blauen Gebäudes mit 15 Fenstern, jeweils fünf pro Stockwerk. Die Fenster sind mit weißen, kunstvollen Verzierungen umrahmt. Die lebendige blaue Farbe des Gebäudes verleiht ihm eine auffällige Erscheinung. Die Fenster reflektieren das Licht unterschiedlich, was auf verschiedene Innenbeleuchtungen oder Blickwinkel hindeutet. Jedes Fenster ist von einer komplexen weißen Verzierung umgeben.
@nickharrison@mastodonapp.uk 2024-04-04T07:39:31Z

Brunel Thames Tunnel
First known under tunnel


@Alice@gram.social 2024-03-31T14:54:31+00:00 #SilentSunday
View of a pool looking down through rippling water to a blue tile bottom
@SusiS@pixelfed.de 2024-04-07T04:17:35+00:00 No. 17.

#silentsunday #silenceonsunday #door #entrance #decay #thebeautyofdecay #withered
@numericcitizen@pixelfed.social 2024-04-08T00:40:10+00:00 Colours, textures and (_complete with your word_). #urbanexploration #urbex #urbexphotography #urbexboy #urbexworld #urbexexplorer
@sbphoto@federated.press 2024-04-07T15:15:37Z

From the archives. North Pole, AK, USA. December 2017.

A tan-colored building with red metal siding surrounded by snow. Text on the building reads, "Car Wash." A simple graphic of a person washing a car sits below the text.
@BobHorowitz@sfba.social 2023-06-25T14:11:55Z

Set against a cement-block wall at night, a lone lamp in an empty lot illuminates a single gas pump and a couple of trash-filled metal barrels.
@blankfrank@gram.social 2024-04-05T16:12:08+00:00 FUGAZI COVER-ISH
#Elandsgracht #Amsterdam
The left half of the image shows a detail of a metal grate while the right side shows a plywood surface painted red.
@garry@toot.cat 2024-04-01T18:12:30Z


Rainy London Chinatown art created by light, heat, and rain. Inspired by the art of Saul Leiter.

Copyright © 2024 Garry Knight
All rights reserved

A colour photo of people sitting in an al fresco dining area, behind a rain-strewn and steamy plastic sheet in London's Chinatown.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2024-03-31T09:14:41Z

To the 9th tee.

A colour photograph of a sign at a golf course marking the way to the 9th tee. The black lettering is worn against a white background with a black horizontal line at the bottom of the frame and rust marks from screws present.
@Jade_NL@mastodon.social 2024-03-28T11:20:05Z

colour - broken, dirty and discarded doll. a red-haired doll, with a severely broken body and missing arms and legs, lies on the ground. one blue eye stares into the distance.
@nickharrison@mastodonapp.uk 2024-03-27T06:54:13Z

Marble Arch Crown



@AbandonedAmerica@mastodon.social 2024-03-26T01:30:26Z

A beautiful vintage medical cabinet left behind in an abandoned asylum

If you'd like to learn about Trenton State Hospital and the horrifying experiments that took place there, I posted a new episode of the Abandoned America podcast on Patreon. Season 3 episodes will premier to the public in a month but subs get a sneak preview: patreon.com/posts/horrifying-o

If you'd rather not join, no worries - here's a link to the photo gallery of abandoned state hospitals on my website! abandonedamerica.us/abandoned-

Vertical photo of a rusting metal medicine cabinet. Two of the drawers are open and one of the doors is ajar. The doors have windows with what appears to be red paper over them to obscure what is inside. On the right, a table, desks, and chairs are visible in a decaying room
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2024-03-26T18:18:55Z

A view of Bath

Abstract of graffiti and metal and paint
@dirt@particle.lol 2024-03-25T20:56:15Z

groovers body shop

gr iiix + americana color
high res dust.lol/posts/groovers-body-s

this is literally across the street from our house !! my wife + i were born elsewhere so small town pennsylvania is especially picturesque to us (natives are often oblivious to the beauty that surrounds them)

a still life (everything in + in front of + behind an off white + coal gray painted cinderblock wall) there is a door with a black window (deep red rust) there are stacks of reddish plastic plant pots + an (oscar the grouch) style trash can with a rusted handle + a yellow toxic waste drum (deeply stained brown) with a very rusted bucket on top of it + a garage door with broken windows + one boarded up with a yellow sheet of plywood + a sign at the top that says (in shadow) groovers body shop + 24 hour wrecker service
@AbandonedAmerica@mastodon.social 2024-03-25T19:37:42Z

A decaying ward in an abandoned state hospital

If you'd like to learn about Trenton State Hospital and the horrifying medical experiments that took place there, I just posted a new episode of the Abandoned America podcast on Patreon. Season 3 episodes will premier to the public in a month or so but subs get a sneak preview: patreon.com/posts/horrifying-o

If you'd rather not join, no worries - here's a link to the photo gallery of abandoned state hospitals on my website! abandonedamerica.us/abandoned-

A boxy decaying corridor with tall windows on either side, through which the shadows of leaves are visible. At the end of the hallway is an ominous door surrounded by small windows. Tan, white, and green paint is flaking off of the ceilings and walls.
@roguemusiclab@mstdn.social 2024-03-26T03:29:08Z


From the sidewalk a doubtful, dirty white marble cavern opens with wide stairs leading down to a dark underground market. Above the opening is boldly stated “STRENGTH OF A DYNASTY”.
@AbandonedAmerica@mastodon.social 2024-03-26T01:30:26Z

A beautiful vintage medical cabinet left behind in an abandoned asylum

If you'd like to learn about Trenton State Hospital and the horrifying experiments that took place there, I posted a new episode of the Abandoned America podcast on Patreon. Season 3 episodes will premier to the public in a month but subs get a sneak preview: patreon.com/posts/horrifying-o

If you'd rather not join, no worries - here's a link to the photo gallery of abandoned state hospitals on my website! abandonedamerica.us/abandoned-

Vertical photo of a rusting metal medicine cabinet. Two of the drawers are open and one of the doors is ajar. The doors have windows with what appears to be red paper over them to obscure what is inside. On the right, a table, desks, and chairs are visible in a decaying room
@antoinnesterk@cyberplace.social 2024-03-27T17:11:57Z

@dillyd Very nice! I made a similar one some time ago, but have been looking since. Never found another worth shooting. But thanks to you, I now have new hunting grounds for

Close up of a tree
@Jade_NL@mastodon.social 2024-03-24T08:01:27Z

colour - a quiet misty morning. a meadow with a few trees and 2 ruminating cows. a forest is just visible through the mist in the background.
@eeen@mastodon.social 2024-03-25T19:04:40Z

Trying out this new “Eternal” Leica Look…

The image features an outdoor scene with a beige wall of a building under a blue sky with scattered clouds. On the wall, multiple pipes run horizontally, and there's a door labeled "10645-C". Two metal ladder rungs are affixed above, suggesting a roof access point. In front of the wall, there are two mismatched chairs with red and black seats, one noticeably newer than the other. A red curb runs along the bottom, indicating a no-parking zone, and there are some weeds growing near the curb, adding to the neglected atmosphere of the setting.
@AbandonedAmerica@mastodon.social 2024-03-22T18:41:42Z

The crooked grand staircase at the abandoned Empire Hotel in Sharon Springs, NY. Aside from the staircase, sagging floors and doorways were an indicator that the hotel wasn't structurally sound. Less than a decade after I first photographed it, the entire building collapsed on itself.

More at abandonedamerica.us/empire-hot

A wooden staircase flanked by pillars. The pillars, stairs, and floor are listing to the right. The ceiling is white pressed tin, which is falling off. A lamp sits to the left of the stiars on the floor, and further left there is an open door to another room.
@camhunt@mas.to 2024-03-23T13:01:40Z

To be changed

A person is seen through a wall of large glass blocks, distorting their face and their upper body. The structure between the glass blocks is metal, heavily distressed. The person has their long brown hair hair pulled back in a bun. They have no facial hair. They are wearing eye makeup. They're wearing a back jacket with a hood resting around their neck.
@TLCPhotography@pixelfed.social 2024-03-22T09:50:13+00:00 Geometry No 16.

An ongoing series of Black and White photos exploring the shapes and patterns of urban architecture in Toronto Canada.

North wall of No 245 Carlaw Ave.

Original photography from 2019 using a Canon EOS 60D body with a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. Reprocessed using Silver EFEX Pro as a Lightroom plugin for the Black and White conversion.

#toronto #blackandwhitephotography #originalphotography #photography #photoproject #architecture #architecturephotography #building
Geometry No 16 Photograph by Brian Carson of The Learning Curve Photography
@another@fauxtographer.ca 2024-03-11T17:44:00+00:00 Urban Beautification

Those two shrubs are not going to cover anything up, any time soon.

#Houston #EaDo
#UrbanLandscape #NewTopographics #Photography
The side of an older commercial building in east downtown, Houston. Many electrical conduits, meters, and drooping service loops attaching them to a power distribution pole. There are signs of fire where the electrical service enters the building infrastructure. There is a narrow strip of grass in front of the building, with two spindly shrubs.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2024-03-21T23:06:23Z

Modern building with large windows and the inscription "Humboldt Forum" reflected on a body of water.
@dirt@particle.lol 2024-03-20T23:07:31Z

snow porsche

gr iiix + americana color
high res dust.lol/posts/snow-porsche

a rusted red porsche lies in a snowy field (windshield covered in snow) with a roll of barbed wire sitting next to it + a yellow measuring tape tangled on the hood
@Hinterlands@zirk.us 2024-03-20T18:35:03Z

A significant proportion of northern Dartmoor is operated by the military as training and live firing areas. Occasionally you hear the thump of weapons, sometimes you meet a bunch of bedraggled but incredibly fit young marines, but mostly it means that you have large areas completely to yourself.

@christianhajer@aleph.land 2024-03-17T10:28:35Z

Eine alte runde Uhr, die an einer Gebäudefassade angebracht ist, mit verblassten Zeigern und einem trüben Zifferblatt, das Anzeichen von Abnutzung und Alter aufweist.
@antoinnesterk@cyberplace.social 2024-03-09T08:00:34Z



A circular opening in a concrete wall provides a view through to the other metro track at Blaak station. Square tiles (mostly white) cover the walls. The stairs form a diagonal line. A person in a black coat is walking down to the platform.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2024-03-15T06:34:32Z

Fassade eines Gebäudes mit einem großen Fenster aus Glasbausteinen und einer gefliesten Wand mit der Aufschrift "Glaserei" auf einem Schild darüber.
@Alice@gram.social 2024-03-12T23:26:41+00:00 Had to stop and capture the little flecks of color in these glass blocks.
Glass block window with hints of mint green and magenta
@stryvox@pixelfed.social 2024-03-02T23:41:43+00:00 Dropped db
#findings #letters #minimal #duisburg #ruhrgebiet
#fujifilm #fuji #xs10 #fujixs10
#fujix #fujixseries #fujifilmde #fujifilmxde #fujifilmpassion #fujifilmxpassion #fujishooters
#fujifilmjpeg #filmsimulation
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2024-02-28T16:12:17Z
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2024-02-27T18:44:11Z

So commonly used
So little understood

Green and white abstract featuring the digit five
@sugarfuel@mastodon.social 2024-02-26T17:09:24Z

💡… dependency …💡

@SusiS@pixelfed.de 2024-02-26T13:46:30+00:00 No mail on Mondays.

#fotomontag #photomonday #letterbox #rust #decay #withered #thebeautyofdecay
@silberschneider@mas.to 2024-02-24T21:10:50Z

von @norberteder Woche 8: (3/3)

Ein eher trister Hinterhof wartet mit einer Überraschung auf.

Colorful garage doors
@WesternExposure@mastodon.ie 2024-02-16T16:24:55Z

One for ,
an excerpt of mastodon.ie/deck/@WesternExpos

The rather "kaputt" facade of a horsetrailer converted into living quarters but long since abandoned. Three vertical sections can be seen. The metal framing and lower plywood panelling (slowly falling apart) are painted a warm dark red, the upper panelling is cool icy blue. A door with a window is in the center, a section with a window to the right; the left section is blind.
@stpaultim@fosstodon.org 2024-02-17T05:18:21Z

Another unique view from above.

Aerial view, looking straight down on a frozen river, horizontal in the image. A bridge cuts through the image and across the river at an angle. The frozen surface of the river is very different colors and textures.
@numericcitizen@pixelfed.social 2024-02-16T11:49:42+00:00 "Let me out, please" #urbanexploration #abandoned #urbex #urbexphotography #urbexboy #urbexboy
The image features an interior view looking out of a window. The room has a dilapidated appearance with peeling light green paint on the walls, which suggests aging and decay. The window frame is made of dark wood and is also showing signs of wear. Just below the window, there is a classic white radiator, indicative of older heating systems often found in buildings from the early to mid-20th century. Through the slightly foggy glass of the window, we see an exterior view of a large, historic red brick building with a prominent dome structure, which could be a capitol building, courthouse, or another significant municipal or government building. The weather appears overcast, as the lighting is soft and diffuse. The contrast between the abandoned interior and the stately exterior building creates a poignant juxtaposition. The image evokes a sense of forgotten history, as the view from a neglected space frames a building that is likely still in use and of some importance.
@Hinterlands@zirk.us 2024-02-14T14:39:00Z

Happy Valentine's Day from Dartmoor.

Sheep peer out of the morning gloom on a winters' day
@apkeedle@mastodon.art 2024-02-12T18:29:45Z

green door; let me in
i hear piano playing
happy crowd deny

A green wooden door, within a tall corrugated metal door painted brown. A row of 7 frosted windows are above the green doow. A sign saying "Warning, fragile roof" is at the top.
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2024-02-12T16:28:08Z
@WesternExposure@mastodon.ie 2024-02-11T18:33:58Z

Noch ein Nachschlag von heute.
@FotoVorschlag 'Kaputt'
Co. Clare, Ireland

Die Fassade eines irgendwann mal bewohnten konvertierten Pferdeanhängers. The rather "kaputt" facade of a horsetrailer converted into living quarters but long since abandoned.
@Anhei-Fotos@pixelfed.de 2024-02-12T07:50:07+00:00 Doors
#streetphotography #streetphotographers #urbanphotography #urban #street #ricohgr3 #streetianity #streetphotography #photography #street #bnw #photooftheday #ig #photo #travelphotography #streetstyle #photographer #streetart #travel #urbanphotography #art #streets #blackandwhite #instagood #picoftheday #life #instagram #streetphotographer #architecture #city #streetphoto #portrait #bw #india #canon #blackandwhitephotography #nature

@Alice@gram.social 2024-02-09T15:17:07+00:00 Wavy glass reflections 4eva.
Commercial building with pink window panes and light green glass reflecting a building in a wavy pattern
@moyamoyashashin@pixelfed.social 2024-02-08T22:16:20+00:00 Super Bowl Ready

#photography #urban #film #kodak #nikon #television #abandoned
Color photo showing an old television on a bench, against a fence with peeling paint.
@QueenKong@mastodon.social 2024-02-08T11:35:41Z

Wintery (2024).

iPhone camera, digital processing.

ALT : double exposure photo, a cracked road, a winter cloudy sky and a pale sun over houses roofs.

@christianhajer@aleph.land 2024-02-07T06:42:16Z

The image shows the silhouettes of two people walking with the reflection of a tall tower, likely on a wet surface, creating a mirror effect.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2024-02-06T15:54:49Z

Composition with beach foam.

A colour photograph of beach foam washing onto a sandy beach in high winds. The foam passes through the frame from left to right, with ribbons of blue bubbled foam and orange fringes at the boundary. A further small leaf-shaped island of foam top right adds accent to the composition.
@monoscope@photog.social 2024-02-04T05:59:42Z

4 8 15 16 23 42

Access hatch on the side of a giant cylinder
@mariegardiner@mastodonapp.uk 2024-02-02T13:09:43Z

I thought he'd be harder to find.

Iceland, 2022.

a door in a cabin with 'god' written on
@Jade_NL@mastodon.social 2024-02-02T10:29:26Z

colour - close-up of a horizontal blue pipe, orange and warm white coloured tiles and a double vertical divider. shot inside an old, grubby bicycle and pedestrian underpass with available fluorescent lighting.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2024-02-02T08:15:57Z

Spiegelung einer Fassade mit vierzehn Fensterachsen mit Natursteinlaibungen. Über dem Eingang der Neonschriftzug "Zentralflughafen" . Das Bild ist schwarz-weiss und
@monoscope@photog.social 2024-02-02T02:40:15Z

A Tailoring Ensemble

A window of sewing machines
@GetCarter@mastodonapp.uk 2024-01-31T11:54:43Z

Some proper strong gusts today. Rain and spray all going up, not down.

Wind making sea spray rise.
@antoinnesterk@cyberplace.social 2024-02-01T18:30:39Z

Colourful Fungi

A close up of some really colourful little mushrooms growing on a dead tree. They look like tiny gems.
@vankaskaa@mastodon.world 2024-01-31T17:56:49Z
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2024-01-30T20:01:16Z
@antoinnesterk@cyberplace.social 2024-01-31T13:20:23Z

PhotoJanuary2024 Day 31: Stairs

A photo of the stairs leading to my workplace.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-02-10T08:04:33Z

Die Fassade eines Gebäudes mit beiger Travertinfassade aus der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus wird im Kanal gespiegelt. Eine Ente schwimmt von links nach rechts über die Wasserfläche und verrursacht eine Wellenbewegung im Wasser. Der Effekt der leichten Paddelbewegung auf die Wasseroberfläche löst die strenge Ordnung der Fenster auf.
@Anhei-Fotos@pixelfed.de 2024-01-21T01:14:18+00:00 SOS
#streetphotography #streetphotographers #urbanphotography #urban #street #ricohgr3 #streetianity #streetphotography #photography #street #bnw #photooftheday #ig #photo #travelphotography #streetstyle #photographer #streetart #travel #urbanphotography #art #streets #blackandwhite #instagood #picoftheday #life #instagram #streetphotographer e #city #streetphoto #portrait #bw #blackandwhitephotography #nature
@SingingLehrerin@sueden.social 2024-01-13T17:03:03Z

Ich war ja versucht, wieder eine Pfützenspiegelung zum Thema "Reflexionen" für die KW02 der von @norberteder zu schießen und zu posten. Oder zumindest Spiegelungen vom hiesigen Weiher. Hätte allerlei zur Auswahl... Aber jetzt nehme ich mal etwas ganz anderes. Irgendwie hat mir das heute beim Spaziergang gefallen.

Der Fokus des Fotos liegt auf einem rechteckigen Verkehrsspiegel mit roten und weißen diagonalen Streifen am Rand. Der Spiegel ist an einem grauen Metallpfosten montiert. Im Spiegel reflektiert wird eine winterliche Szene mit Schnee auf den Bäumen, dem Boden und den Dächern der Gebäude. Ein weißes Haus mit einem dunklen Dach ist prominent im Spiegel zu sehen; es ist von einer schneebedeckten Hecke umgeben. Ein schneebedeckter Gehsteig und eine Straße (von Schnee befreit) schlängelt sich am Haus vorbei. Die Atmosphäre wirkt kalt und ruhig, verstärkt durch den Schnee und das gedämpfte Licht.
@andre@photog.social 2024-01-11T12:22:12Z


🎞️ Ferrania Solaris FG100 exp (EI 25)

Two railroad tanks stand on the track. An old restaurant car is visible between the tanks on a parallel track
@cityscape@unfufadoo.net 2024-01-03T04:07:59Z

a city street filled with lots of traffic at night
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2024-01-04T20:37:54Z
@monoscope@photog.social 2023-12-26T08:55:24Z


A very high contrast image of a window illuminated at night
@monoscope@photog.social 2023-12-26T08:55:24Z


A very high contrast image of a window illuminated at night
@sarble@gram.social 2023-12-29T10:14:22+00:00 Sunrise through a frame

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday
Sunrise behind a pair of window panes, the frame silhoutted against the light. Through the left pane can be seen a brick chimney. Droplet trails streak through the condensation on the lower half of the window. Colour photograph, muted colours.
@sicolan@courlet.net 2023-12-15T17:26:16Z

3 containers colorés, entourés de tas de graviers gris sous le ciel gris


3 containers colorés, entourés de tas de graviers gris sous le ciel gris
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-12-14T11:22:46Z

Returning to Girvan harbour.

A colour photograph showing a trawler on calm seas as it makes its return to Girvan harbour. The water has a golden hue due to low sun as the silhouetted boat sit on the horizon line. The sky above has a band of cloud running horizontally through golden tones.
@sbphoto@federated.press 2023-12-05T01:55:32Z

The desolation of parking lots. Omaha, NE, USA. December 2023.

The base of a light pole sits in front of a raised plant bed and cement wall in a parking lot. The bottom of the pole is covered in very weathered yellow paint. A single bush missing its leaves sits behind the pole in the raised bed.
@brettezeleliquide@h4.io 2023-12-03T07:46:03Z

l'éclairage de la géométrie.
Swedish photographer and graphic designer Marcus Wallinder distills elements of his local scandinavian architecture into its most simple form

le soleil souligne le triangle simple et parfait dessiné par des fenêtres pourvues de stores sur une façade
@PhotoLust@pixelfed.de 2023-12-04T09:26:21+00:00 Old #warehouse.
#Farben #Colours

#Sachsen #Dresden #EgGü
#Farbe #Colour #Farbfoto #Colourphoto #Farbfotografie #Colourphotography #Stadt #City
📷 #iPhone
Die Blau gestrichene Stahltür einer alten Lagerhalle des ehemaligen Unternehmens Eg-Gü in Dresden. Die Fassade wurde Ziegelrot gestrichen.
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-30T19:47:35Z
@AnnaKukka@wien.rocks 2023-10-26T23:49:39Z

peeling off

Blue paint peeling off a wall in thin vertical stripes
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-27T19:29:47Z
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-29T18:51:04Z
@AnnaKukka@wien.rocks 2023-10-26T23:49:39Z

peeling off

Blue paint peeling off a wall in thin vertical stripes
@moyamoyashashin@pixelfed.social 2023-11-28T14:32:13+00:00 Foggy

#film #minimalism #photography #polaroid
Color Polaroid photo showing a single lamp post against a foggy background.
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io 2023-11-28T03:31:39Z

@AbandonedAmerica ooh, that needs to be in an Italian horror film.

@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-26T07:00:14Z
@DAT@pixelfed.social 2023-11-26T12:53:30+00:00 #Rosen und #Schnee
Rosenstrauch vor Fenster mit Fensterläden, bei Schneefall
@walli@pixelfed.de 2023-11-25T06:32:37+00:00 Entangled in the branches...
The image shows a plane which seems to be entangled in branches of a tree. #mywork
@glencoelassie@mastodon.scot 2023-11-20T15:08:16Z

A quick trip to the shop this morning , glad I brought the camera 🙈🤣 The MacDonald Burial Island . Loch Leven Ballachulish🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The dying colours of autumn can be so vivid and vibrant even on a misty wet November day. The bronze colours of autumn reflected in the water of Loch Leven 🍂🍁

@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-20T16:34:02Z
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-17T20:55:06Z
@aows@mastodon.world 2023-11-12T20:43:13Z

Winter Tree. Michigan, February 2021

@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-11T16:55:13Z
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-09T18:16:52Z

Hommage an Frank Lepold

@mariegardiner@mastodonapp.uk 2023-11-08T12:30:34Z

Abandoned vehicles I've found on my travels. Loads more besides!

@haraldhux@photog.social 2023-11-06T16:38:21Z


When you try to de-escalate but your feelings won't let you calm down.

View down an escalator with yellow walls. Due to intentional camera movement the image is blurred but details are still visible.
@QueenKong@mastodon.social 2023-11-05T08:37:17Z

Double-edged sword (2023).
iPhone camera and digital processing, Polaroid i-Type film print, emulsion lift on watercolor paper.

Streetlight, electric wires and the sky. Polaroid emulsion lift.
@monoscope@photog.social 2023-11-03T23:29:26Z


Sun breaking through a squall over the ocean
@marcdavenant@toot.community 2023-09-27T21:42:53Z

Lonely pub, Manchester by John Bulmer.

@aboutgrau@mastodon.art 2023-10-30T20:36:40Z

goldfish 1/3

detail of a turquoise wooden stall. a silver aluminium ladder is leaning against the wall
@aboutgrau@mastodon.art 2023-10-30T20:36:40Z

goldfish 1/3

detail of a turquoise wooden stall. a silver aluminium ladder is leaning against the wall
@JenniferJorgenson@mstdn.social 2023-11-02T03:17:14Z

Black Sand Beach
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-01T21:02:00Z
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-11-01T20:59:42Z
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-01-23T21:02:27Z

Reifen im Wasser, Kopf in den Sternen.

Radler durchquert eine Pfütze. Die Silhouette ist gespiegelt und das ganze Bild auf den Kopf gestellt. Der Asphalt im Hintergrund wirkt im kontratsreichen Bild dadurch wie ein Sternenhimmel.
@methodphoto@toot.community 2023-10-31T08:36:43Z

Dirty Ol’ Town

A London urban landscape shot through dirty glass
@monoscope@photog.social 2023-10-28T05:25:48Z

Layer cake

Standing in a beach looking out at a stormy sky
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-10-25T18:54:09Z
@Jlkeeton@mastodon.sdf.org 2023-10-24T17:30:48Z

another rainy day

Tintype of a big raincloud over Montejunto in Portugal
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-10-24T17:19:27Z
@sugarfuel@mastodon.social 2023-10-22T19:37:33Z

🌳… static love story under dark clouds …🌳

@nickharrison@mastodonapp.uk 2023-10-22T19:06:20Z

Winter leaves
Winter is around the corner !
❄️ 🍁

@Ryokok@mastodon.social 2023-10-22T18:07:03Z

God's not here.

@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-10-22T16:47:21Z

The Bishop's Palace Wells

Abstract of a rusty panel at the bishop's palace Wells heavily edited for colour
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-10-22T16:47:04Z


Ölige Pfütze auf Asphalt mit rotem Weinblatt und Wasserstropfen. Im Hintergrund Spiegelung des Fernsehturms.
@ObsidianUrbex@photog.social 2023-10-22T16:44:33Z

Abandoned glass factory canteen
📷 Zenit E 🔎 Helios-44 58mm

England; November 2022

photo of plants through broken glass
@Mek90@photog.social 2023-10-22T16:43:31Z

Heute mal wieder etwas "experimentell" unterwegs gewesen. 😀

In den Baracken hängen Spiegel, die ca. 70 Jahre alt sind. Da löst sich langsam die rückseitige Beschichtung. Dabei entstehen sehr interessante Muster und Strukturen. Die waren heute meine Hauptmotiv.

Blick auf einen alten Spiegel, wo sich die (rückseitige) Beschichtung auflöst. Dabei entstehen Muster und Strukturen.
Blick auf einen alten Spiegel, wo sich die (rückseitige) Beschichtung auflöst. Dabei entstehen Muster und Strukturen.
Blick auf einen alten Spiegel, wo sich die (rückseitige) Beschichtung auflöst. Dabei entstehen Muster und Strukturen.
Blick auf einen alten Spiegel, wo sich die (rückseitige) Beschichtung auflöst. Dabei entstehen Muster und Strukturen.
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-10-17T20:42:01Z

The Archbishop's Palace Wells

Blue abstract of rust
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-10-16T20:42:41Z


Herbstlich gefärberter Baum spiegelt sich im Wasser
@roguemusiclab@mstdn.social 2023-10-16T20:38:06Z

Sunday morning abstract: waterfall

@GetCarter@mastodonapp.uk 2023-10-16T20:37:32Z

Some Highland signs.

@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-10-16T20:36:10Z


A colour photograph showing a small section of old fishing boat with deteriorating paintwork and signage. The frame is filled with rich colour from purple to red, blue and green in various states of disrepair. A large white number, perhaps 99 is partially present in the centre of the frame with a small plaque above reading BA10 in faded white.
@stujr@mastodon.bsd.cafe 2023-10-14T12:05:19Z

@skysonix @Sakti it's a banger

@tomclearwood@mastodon.scot 2023-10-12T23:03:51Z

gutter oil

the dramatic colours of an oil film on a wet road actually it's Great Western Road in Glasgow, just around Kelvinbridge
@GetCarter@mastodonapp.uk 2023-10-09T22:22:37Z

I was thinking along the lines of 'Ghost Ship'.

Deserted fishing boat in the mist.
@gklebus@mastodon.social 2023-10-09T21:22:18Z

Nature's light spectacle. Long Canyon Overlook on Burr Trail Road, Garfield County, UT, USA - March 2023

Snowy hill with red rocks on the top, with a few rocks catching warm light from the setting sun, with a blue sky and a few white cirrus clouds
@Anhei-Fotos@pixelfed.de 2023-10-09T21:06:41Z Mirror 3
#streetphotography #streetphotographers #urbanphotography #urban #street #ricohgr3 #streetianity
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-10-09T20:59:56Z
@Iain_ms@mas.to 2023-10-06T16:56:49Z

Hidden alpine lakes are such treasures!

Small turquoise alpine lake surrounded by mountain peaks
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-10-03T22:50:12Z
@AbandonedAmerica@mastodon.social 2023-09-29T20:30:09Z

Workbenches in an abandoned china factory slowly making their way through the floor.

Photos of collapsing areas of buildings never seem to perform as well in terms of social media metrics which is somewhat baffling to me, as I find the mechanics of structural deterioration endlessly fascinating.

Anyway, here's the gallery for this place in case you'd like to see more: abandonedamerica.us/shenango-c

A dimly lit wooden interior room/ On the left a jumble of workbenches are breaking apart as they sink through the floor. A large depression in the floor beneath them is complemented by the sagging walls and ceiling in that area.
@MarkMaguire@mastodon.ie 2023-09-28T18:16:09Z

Motivation low today. Full hibernation instincts activated.

A square window pane covered with rain drops. A bright green piece of lawn outside far below. Trees with the beginning of autumnal coloured foliage are in the distance. The sky is milky grey.
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-09-28T18:14:39Z
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-09-26T22:19:58Z
@JimDeFazioArt@mastodon.social 2023-09-25T22:15:36Z

"Early Morning Fog" by James DeFazio

Prints and more available at:

A landscape of a stand of trees covered in early morning fog. The fog was very thick in this field which made the trees appear to be just silhouettes against the gray mist.
@thereisnocat@toot.cafe 2023-09-25T22:15:25Z


I shot this on Saturday in Hastings-on-Hudson with the Mint SLR-670. I shot about the same number of shots on that and the Polaroid I-2, as a way of comparing. No matter what camera I use, I find that simple shapes are a great subject for Polaroids.

A yellow arrow pointing right, painted on wood attached to a red brick wall.
@SingingLehrerin@sueden.social 2023-09-25T12:05:47Z

Blick durch ein Fenster, an dem ein Falt-Rollo heruntergelassen ist. Die einfallende Sonne produziert den Schatten eines Menschen auf dem Rollo.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-09-23T18:17:33Z

Holzfassade eines Studentenwohnheims mit violetten Rollos
@ashqinmoe@focal.love 2023-09-21T21:30:45Z

I don't trust staircases
They're always up to something.

A rusty metalic stairway from the darkness into the light.
@radiofreefedi@musician.social 2023-09-21T19:53:08Z

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@numericcitizen@pixelfed.social 2023-09-20T21:39:16Z This one will go into the Textures collection. Shot from a past urban exploration session with one of my friends. #textures #urbanexploration #abandoned #urbex #urbexphotography #urbexboy #urbexboy
A wall with paint peeling off because it is very old.
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-09-20T20:23:16Z
@apkeedle@mastodon.art 2023-09-15T19:32:18Z

The Polaroid gods just setting the tone for my relationship with my new I-2 🤣

The I-2 has a "secret" mode for SX-70 film packs. Yay. I had some I need to finish before I send off my SX-70 for refurb. This was the first image out of the pack. 🙄

Defective polaroid print. Top left half of the photo has not developed. There is terrible colour cast and uneven development on the rest of the image. It was supposed to be an old horse shoe and corroded forks on a very old chopping stump. Also can be seen is a chuck key for a drill...
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-09-14T15:56:29Z

Expansion joint.

A black and white photograph showing a white expansion joint passing vertically through concrete. The white line passes through the centre of the frame
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-09-13T08:37:37Z

Jellyfish 2.

A close up colour photograph showing the deep red vein-like structure of a jellyfish with pale surrounding tissue in pinks and creams.
@Martin_Liebermann@digitalcourage.social 2023-09-11T13:07:00Z

Rhythmical play of light on a tidal puddle

A shallow puddle on the beach on a windy day. The light plays rhythmically on the wavelets and the golden sand. Blue sky reflections are contrasting nicely.



A puddle on a beach with rippling waves. The sand shines through in golden hues, the light on the sand forming brighter rhythmical patterns. The sky forms blue reflectims.
@Wongsusie@mastodon.art 2023-09-09T20:50:48Z
@noisemakerbot@genart.social 2023-09-09T11:57:59Z

glom vs. stable-diffusion-v1-5 (seed: 1485391666)

full quality:

In "Glom," a gelatinous ooze envelops the canvas, oozing in a sticky dark liquid. Taupe, moss green, and ebony interplay, evoking organic movement and depth.
@aows@mastodon.world 2023-09-09T11:43:41Z

Scottish road. Scotland, August 2023

@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-09-07T20:56:33Z

A trip in Bristol II

A very abstract photo of a poster in Bristol
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-09-06T11:33:51Z

Composition 2 from steel shuttering.

A colour photograph of steel shuttering which is heavily weathered, with varying degrees of rust and paint on the surface of the steel and bubbling at the bottom of the frame where it has been in contact with water. The colours are deep blues and rusts with vertical lines at joints and three square metal plates with bolts towards the bottom of the frame.
@dabowphoto@mastodon.social 2023-09-06T11:26:37Z

'Portmeirion Handrail'
A semi-abstract study of light, shadow and contrasting colours on a wall with a handrail at Portmeirion village in Gwynedd, North Wales, UK.
For prints:

A semi-abstract photograph of a section of red, white and blue wall with a light blue metal handrail attached to it in the village of Portmeirion in Wales, UK. The wall is lit by bright summer sunlight.
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-09-04T22:16:11Z

Shed door II

Abstract of a metal shed door
@andreasgoerss@berlin.social 2023-09-04T08:52:09Z

Lausanne | Have a good start to the week, stay healthy. ♡

You don't want to miss any inspiration? Follow me !

@numericcitizen@pixelfed.social 2023-09-01T20:48:08Z I remember this photowalk vividly; it was during a cold day in winter. Trees formed a pattern that I deliberately exaggerated. #blackandwhite #trees #forest #winter #wintercomebackplease #experimenting
A bunch of shadows of trees during winter
@sicolan@courlet.net 2023-08-30T18:29:49Z


@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-29T22:23:13Z

A trip in Bristol III

Abstract of a torn poster
@matthieu@photog.social 2023-08-29T21:59:29Z


@aows@mastodon.world 2023-08-28T21:47:25Z

Apartment building. Galicia, July 2023

@aows@mastodon.world 2023-08-28T21:27:49Z

Chapel of the mountains. Asturias, July 2023

@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-25T21:18:39Z

Weather system skirting Arran this afternoon.

A black and white photograph showing a weather system passing Arran from Girvan beach. Heavy clouds lie over the island with a band of rain passing through from the left of the frame, obscuring some of the island's peaks. A boat motors across the frame in the foreground.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-08-25T21:18:13Z

Mit Rettungsfolie überklebte Scheiben eines Fensters
@ursula@pixel.tchncs.de 2023-08-25T21:12:04Z Am Innenhafen Duisburg. #APuddleADay #puddle #puddlereflections #reflections #Fensterfreitag #Windowfriday
Das Bild zeigt die Spiegelung eines modernen Gebäudekomplexes, der aus mehreren zylindrischen Gebäuden mit vielen Fenstern besteht, in einer Pfütze. Die zylindrischen Gebäude sind miteinander verbunden, sodass man auf allen Ebenen von einem Haus zum anderen gehen kann. links steht ein Lastenkran. Das Bild ist um 180° gedreht, sodass die Spiegelung - leicht verschwommen - oben steht. Dort sieht man auch, dass das Bild durch eine Absperrung hindurch fotografiert wurde. Der untere Teil des Bildes (das Original) ist leicht gelblich und heller.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-25T21:11:13Z

Diesel spill flowing in river 6 Archipelago.

A colour photograph of spilled diesel on water. The rainbow coloured spill resembles a coastal archipelago as it fragments towards the left of the frame with the main mass in blues and golden yellows.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-25T21:09:27Z

Morning Mastodon.

Diesel spill flowing in river 5.

A colour photograph of part of a diesel spill flowing through a river. The spill flows horizontally across the frame like silken fabric with ripples from the water providing depth against a black backdrop. The colours present are blues and golds with a creamy silver band and accents in purple and red.
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-24T16:08:15Z

Shed door III

abstract image of a shed door 
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-24T12:41:48Z

Diesel spill flowing in river 4.

A colour photograph of a section of spilled diesel in water. Light ripples pass through the blue and gold contours of the diesel resembling silken fabric with a Paisley pattern design. The top of the frame has a black section as backdrop to finely broken sections of the diesel.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-24T12:41:26Z

Diesel spill flowing in river 3.

A colour photograph of a section of diesel spill flowing and fragmenting in water. The blues and golds of the diesel fold and fragment in the lightly rippled water like fabric against a black backdrop.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-23T20:21:44Z

Diesel spill flowing in river 2.

A colour photograph showing a section of spilled diesel flowing on a river. a triangular blade peninsula of blue and gold colour fragments into a larger blue mass of colour at the top of the frame surrounded by black from unaffected water.
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-22T20:28:27Z

One image: three edits

multicoloured abstract of ice 
@aows@mastodon.world 2023-08-20T10:03:09Z

Cuckmere River. England, August 2023

@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-17T19:55:48Z

One image: three edits

Blue Ice abstract
@roguemusiclab@mstdn.social 2023-08-17T19:32:46Z

The world didn’t get mean. We made it mean.

@noisemakerbot@genart.social 2023-08-17T18:18:11Z

domain-warp vs. stable-diffusion-xl-1024-v1-0 (seed: 1016237209)

full quality:

"Domain Warp" showcases mesmerizing domain warping through fractional Brownian motion. The artwork elegantly combines serene sky tones (light blue), tranquil water shades (dark blue), and mysterious nightfall hues (deep purple).
@schreddergeld@troet.cafe 2023-08-17T18:15:56Z

Hach ist das wieder schön hier

Vordergrund Nebel über dem Meer. Ein Frachter scheint durch Nebel zu fahren. Darüber orangerotviolettdr Himmel. Der Nebel hat ebenfalls diese Farbe.
@Alice@gram.social 2023-08-15T21:39:15Z Find a seat wherever you can and get comfortable.
Metal barber? chair in a dull silver with a bright red velvet? cushion in front of a maroon corrugated metal wall with graffiti on it.
@DebOppermann@photog.social 2023-08-15T20:58:05Z

An intriguing, chaotic natural abstract with rippled effect done in black and white, of the reeds and grasses on the water surface of the French River Ontario Canada. SALE! 30 % off everything in my two stores at Redbubble, Aug 14 - Aug 20, 2023!

Black and white abstract of rippled grasses reflections in water
@stevenlawson@photog.social 2023-08-14T11:31:24Z

Driving down a country lane to visit relatives, I noticed a derelict motor garage, which turned out to have some lovely colours and textures among the stonework and corrugated iron.

Portrait format colour image showing the corrugated iron doors of a derelict motor garage which were painted a dark green which is now faded with time to a paler green, except for a rectangular patch which was once covered by a sign which has remained dark green, and two small glass windows, one of which has original blue painted showing through the green. Reflected in the uppermost window is the dome of a disused forecourt pump, while the lower window has the reflection of wild grasses which have sprung up to consume the forecourt.
Portrait format colour image showing flaking green and yellow paint on rotting woodwork and render on the outside of a derelict motor garage.
Portrait format colour image showing rust eating away at the painted corrugated iron door of a derelict garage, with layers of bright blue, dark blue and green paint contrasting with the rust colour.
Portrait format colour image shows the old iron letterbox set into a cream coloured wall. The letterbox is painted a dull dark green, as is the number 4 which is below it on a small metal plaque, while the green leaves of a weed are growing on a long stalk which is standing in front of the wall and growing up across the letterbox.
@Feelingblue@photog.social 2023-08-14T11:20:08Z

People on the beach

A high contrast black and white image of people walking on the beach. People's silhouettes are black and blurred by intentional camera movements. The background is almost completely white, light contours of beach and sea in the foreground.
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-08-13T22:05:02Z

Umbrella … ella … ella …

Eine nächtliche Regenszene
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-13T22:00:58Z

Cosmos in sedimentary rock.

A colour photograph of a section of sedimentary rock with curving concentric layers converging to a large blue central area at the left of the frame. The layers are mostly blue with orange rust veins passing through the strata. Inclusions in the rock gives the impression of stars in a night sky.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-13T22:00:46Z

Greys and blues.

A colour photograph showing a close up section of sedimentary rock with vertical strata in greys and blues with white and rust coloured veins. The layers are mostly grey tones with a deep blue layer incorporating white veins towards the right of the frame.
@autoeclectus@genart.social 2023-08-13T21:31:24Z

A mis-plot, but I kinda like it!

@aows@mastodon.world 2023-08-13T20:58:20Z

Winter scenery. Indiana, January 2023

@mrxmrt@zirk.us 2023-08-13T20:56:11Z

The four most recent prints of Power Lines Drawings for sale in my store

Black ink drawing, silhouette of a utility pole and power lines
Black ink drawing, silhouette of a utility pole and power lines
Black ink drawing, silhouette of a utility pole and power lines
Black ink drawing, silhouette of utility poles and power lines
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-12T20:35:17Z

Morning Mastodon.

Ribbons of foam on river.

A colour photograph showing ribbons of lace-like foam passing through the river Girvan. Three ribbons pass horizontally through the frame filling it with a translucence to the water at the bottom of the frame revealing rocks below the surface.
@Markus@photog.social 2023-08-12T20:26:29Z

🪟 🪟 🅿️

Eine putzbtöckelige Hauswand mit zwei Fenstern, von deren hölzernen Rahmen sich die Farbe löst. Unter dem rechten Fenster eine Reihe Briefkästen. Am rechten Bildrand ist teilweise eine geöffnete Tür zu sehen. Zwischen Tür und rechtem Fenster ein Parkplatzschild.
@jdv_a@photog.social 2023-08-12T20:04:34Z

Nature strikes back

Pflanzen die von außen gegen das Fenster eines verlassenen Gebäudes drücken
@conyne@photog.social 2023-08-12T19:16:29Z

Deutsche Bahn, Traum und Wirklichkeit.

Auf dem Bahnhof. Durch ein Türloch einer alten, etwas maroden Fassade, ergibt sich ein Blick auf ein Plakat zum Musical Starlight Express. Dahinter ist ein Regional-Express der Bahn zu sehen. Das Ambiente des Bildes zeigt den Zustand der Infrastruktur. Das mittig zu sehende Plakat mit dem Plakat ein Wunschbild.
@aberdar@mstdn.social 2023-08-12T17:42:14Z

Still waiting for the in . Taking that in with pleasure of . did the rest.

The staying eye
@nimbledave@mastodon.social 2023-08-12T12:04:35Z

left to rust

black and white photo of large metal machinery in field against fluffy clouds
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-12T12:04:07Z

New work: the floor at the Arnolfini

Mono abstract of gallery floor
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-11T22:58:46Z

Composition from sedimentary rock (reminded me a little of Klimt's trees paintings which I love).

A colour photograph of vertical veins in sedimentary rock The blueish rock is filled with vertical veins in brown and cream across the entire frame resembling young tree trunks.
@noisemakerbot@genart.social 2023-08-11T22:39:51Z

test-pattern (seed: 1778250784) vs. different (seed: 1091149474)

full quality:

"Test Pattern" is a captivating generative art composition inspired by distorted TV test patterns. It combines vibrant color bars in shades of violet, orchid, and sea green to create a harmonious display. Immerse yourself in this mesmerizing artwork that captures the essence of a television test signal with a dynamic blend of visual patterns.
@PaulHenni@mstdn.social 2023-08-11T22:39:17Z

Some Highland colours.

A reddy brown and pale green colour photo of plants growing underwater in a fast following river. They have many fronds and are aligned with the water direction, with some fallen leaves amongst them. Scottish Highlands.
@christianhajer@aleph.land 2023-08-11T22:29:22Z

In your own footsteps

Spiegelung von fünf Personen, die über nassen Asphalt laufen- im Hintergrund der Fernsehturm. Das Bild ist gedreht.
@noisemakerbot@genart.social 2023-08-10T16:35:53Z

deeper vs. stable-diffusion-v1-5 (seed: 3650405741)

full quality:

"Deeper" is an art piece that invites viewers to explore an intricate world of threads, yarns, and fabrics. Taking inspiration from string theory, it creates a sense of connection and exploration. The composition features earthy tones such as moss green, deep purple, warm rust, and rich maroon, which encourage contemplation and a deeper understanding.
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-10T16:25:58Z

New work: the floor at the Arnolfini

Mono abstract of gallery floor
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-07T19:34:46Z

Aqua blue board in front of rusted steel sheet.

A colour photograph of a aqua blue board in front of a rusted steel sheet. The heavily scratched board reveals large areas of its black background and rippled paint while the rusted sheet behind is in partial shadow.
@noisemakerbot@genart.social 2023-08-07T19:32:19Z

bit-by-bit vs. stable-diffusion-v1-5 (seed: 198886010)

full quality:

"Bit by Bit" is a captivating composition of glitched alphanumeric characters that dance upon the canvas. The vibrant palette features shades like Purple Mountain's Majesty and Celadon green, with depth and contrast provided by touches of Desert Sand and Charcoal. This digital masterpiece beautifully explores the intersection of technology and aesthetics.
@aows@mastodon.world 2023-08-07T19:29:09Z

Lake Ercina, IV. Asturias, July 2023

@Palaeoboy@mastodon.art 2023-08-07T19:28:17Z

Love a day in the archives when you find one and think. 'Huh, not bad at all younger self'.

Two people sat in a shelter with some very mucky window glass between us. Low sun filters through and illuminates their partial faces.
@numericcitizen@pixelfed.social 2023-08-07T19:18:16Z What is this girl saying or thinking? Who is she? Who painted her? Why? So many questions without answers… making such scene fascinating. And a bit spooky. #urbex #urbanexploration
A view inside an abandoned church in Tenerife where there is a cross on the wall and a graffiti of a woman.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-07T19:15:41Z

Art in utility.

A colour photograph of a piece of wood which has fading, scratched layers of paint and scars due to work. The colours are mostly blues and whites with amber staining at the bottom of the frame. The image is chaotic, rather like a Pollock painting.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-07T19:15:16Z

Fade to natural wood.

A colour photograph of a section of wooden block with fading white paint over large knotted grain in the left of the frame transitioning to natural wood from centre to right. The natural wood is detailed by a vertical line through the grain, a deep natural scar in the grain and a drilled hole.
@senanthic@mstdn.ca 2023-08-07T19:08:26Z

I have never been so lucky in my entire fucking life.

A blue-white lightning strike extends down from low-hanging, green-grey clouds at night, appearing to strike just behind a small forested island in centre distance. The clouds break across a green-fading-to-gold sky, with a rippling lake below reflecting back the sky and the bolt of lightning.
@jimlindstrom@toot.community 2023-08-07T19:03:28Z

Blue Island diamond railroad crossing

Five railroad bridges on the horizon. In the foreground two pairs of tracks from the left intersect two pairs of tracks from the right in a diamond pattern
@pixel.fabian@pixelfed.social 2023-08-05T23:05:09Z By the sea
#iceland #landscapephotography #seascape
Rocks and seastacks
@edelsuesz@mastodon.art 2023-08-05T18:09:19Z

KW 31/23
Available Light

Schwarzweißfotografie: eine Reihe dunkler Baumumrisse in der restlichen Abendsonne, graue Wolken darüber, zwischen den Baumstämmen scheint ebenso das Licht hindurch, im Vordergrund alles schwarz
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-08-05T17:57:52Z

Ein Mann geht in einen Hinterhof
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-08-05T17:57:38Z

Eine Bartenderin in einer Bar
@noisemakerbot@genart.social 2023-08-05T17:54:55Z

the-data-must-flow vs. stable-diffusion-v1-5 (seed: 2389974980)

full quality:

"The Data Must Flow" is an abstract representation of data flowing and converging. The artwork combines colors like brown, green, and dark gray to create a visually intriguing composition. The dynamic flow field adds movement to the piece.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-04T19:46:26Z

Textile blue.

A colour photograph showing a small section of blue security door with areas of mottled rust emerging through the paint.. The frame is broken into horizontal panels of aqua blue with clear dark lines and shadow providing both detail and tone.
@TheWorldOfMattParker@photog.social 2023-08-04T16:46:41Z

New work: the floor at the Arnolfini

Mono abstract of gallery floor
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-04T16:44:56Z

Last shot from the wee series on fading blue paint.

Tear in faded blue paint.

A colour photograph showing a small section of faded blue paint on a boat hull. The pale blue paint is bleach with white vertical streaks due to weathering and is extensively cracked. The top and right of the frame shows a section of paint that has peeled back revealing the natural wood below in a diagonal vertical laceration. A small section of lilac paint from a previous time is revealed at the top of the frame.
@ursula@pixel.tchncs.de 2023-08-04T16:40:59Z Das Motiv kennt ihr schon - gestern hatte es dazu einen dramatischeren Himmel. #APuddleADay #puddle #puddlereflections #reflectionphotography #bnwphoto #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitepic
Das Bild zeigt einen verlassenen Basketballplatz. Der Platz ist mit Pfützen bedeckt und der Boden ist rissig und uneben. Der Basketballkorb ist kaputt und das Rückbrett ist verblasst und abblätternd. Der Platz ist durch einen Maschendrahtzaun von einem Platz mit einem Fußballtor abgetrennt. Im Hintergrund befinden sich Bäume und Sträucher, und der Himmel ist dramatisch bewölkt. Das Ganze spiegelt sich in einer Pfütze.
@aows@mastodon.world 2023-08-02T21:05:07Z

Tree and fence. Asturias, July 2023

@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-02T09:50:05Z

Blue spill on wood.

A colour photograph showing a section of spilled blue paint on natural wood. The aqua blue of the paint tapers as it travels from the right of the frame towards the top of the image and against a backdrop of finely grained greyish wood.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-08-02T09:49:55Z

Blue shale with limpet.

A colour photograph showing a small section of shale bed with a limpet shell. The shale has a blue hue from dark left of the frame to light at the right of the frame which includes a single limpet. Vertical fracture lines flow through the scene.
@sugarfuel@mastodon.social 2023-08-02T09:38:13Z

☁️… a stack of clouds …☁️

@thereisnocat@toot.cafe 2023-08-02T09:29:15Z

The Orange Ocean

This was my first shot with Lomography Turquoise. When I scanned it, it reminded me of a song by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, "The Orange Ocean". Shot with my Contax IIIa and developed in ECN-2.

A view of the ocean. The sky and water are both orange. The beach is kind of gray. There is scrub in the foreground. A bird flies at left, looking much like the logo of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-08-02T09:24:06Z

Türen aus Berlin

@edelsuesz@mastodon.art 2023-08-02T09:20:56Z


Schwarzweißfotografie: verschlissene schwarze Schrauben einer Größe, in einem Schrottcontainer neben und übereinander, kontrastreich und glänzend
@DebOppermann@photog.social 2023-08-02T09:20:37Z

This abstract explosion of autumn colors reflecting on the rippled water of a small pond in Guelph Ontario Canada was just mesmerizing. Warm brown, gold, orange, red and blue came together to create this lovely natural mosaic abstract.
Find it here

Reflections ofbBrown, orange, yellow, blue and black mosaic of colors in pond in the autumn season
@lorenhall@universeodon.com 2023-07-31T13:29:38Z

WiP Natural Process Painting - Summer II, 2023
Layer 3 (Red Mica) Detail 1

This is a detail from the red mica layer of the new painting, and although it's showing off the cracks really well, at least it's doing it really well. It's interesting how the cracks affect the texture in other directions besides "downward", the edges of the cracks turn upwards, as can be detected by their lack of pigment. It's good to be painting again, but painful to see how well things would be going, if chunks of gesso weren't continually coming off each time I add a new layer of pigment. I have to go chase them down and glue them back in like puzzle pieces - like the pieces of my art career as I try to put them back together again. I will do it somehow. I've written to some people who might be able to help me - fingers crossed. Thank you for your interest in my work, and faith in me as an artist. They are both invaluable to me.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-31T13:27:59Z

Kind of blue 3.

A colour photograph showing a small section of boat hull with heavily cracked and peeling paint.The light blue paint is broken and bleached from weathering, particularly along the planking lines. A cream band of paint runs horizontally across the very top of the frame with a further purplish band below from previous paint, which drifts into the pale blue paint filling the rest of the frame.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-31T13:27:54Z

Kind of blue 2.

A colour photograph of a small section from the bow of an old wooden boat. The frame is broken into diagonally curved sections due to the planking of the boat. The weathered and flaking pale blue paint has a yellowy cream band running horizontally through it in the top third of the frame with a further cream section top left. A rusted nail leaves abloom of rust just below the midway point of the image.
@jlajaus@mastodon.art 2023-07-31T13:10:19Z

Playa de Bom Sucesso

Acantilados de la playa de Bom Sucesso en Óbidos (Portugal)
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-30T13:13:18Z

Barnacle-covered shale.

A colour photograph of shale beds covered in small barnacles. The shale forms peaks that traverse the frame in both directions with a greenish grey tone covered by barnacles with a golden tone.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-30T11:24:12Z

Cracked and weathered paint.

A colour photograph of a crack running horizontally through paint surrounded by additional fine cracks. The generally blue paint has weathered back to white in most areas of the frame with some vertical streaking in yellow.
@isfies@mastodon.social 2023-07-30T11:23:46Z

Die Maschinen hatten die Macht übernommen...

Comic. Die Überschrift lautet:"Die Maschinen hatten die Macht übernommen…" Ein Mensch kniet vor einem Roboter nieder und sagt:"Nun bin ich dein Sklave, mächtiger Roboter!" Der Roboter antwortet:"Maschinen brauchen keine Sklaven. Idiot." Der Mensch zittert vor Angst und fragt:"Dann werdet ihr alle Menschen umbringen?!" Der Roboter schaut den Mensch lächelnd an und meint:"Wozu? Wäre völlig irrational. Wer tut sowas?" Der Mensch ruft panisch:"Also wollen Maschinen die Menschen als Energiequelle benutzen?" Der Roboter entgegnet verzweifelt:"Es ist physikalisch unmöglich, mehr Energie von euch zu gewinnen, als in eure Aufzucht fließt. Bist du doof?" Der Mensch steht auf und fragt wütend:"Und was soll ich jetzt tun, wo ihr die Macht habt?" Der Roboter antwortet lächelnd:"Mir doch egal. Hol dir einen runter." | Bildbeschreibung von @goettinderfeder auf Twitter.
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-07-30T11:21:29Z

Übergroße bunte Kabeltrommeln stehen im Wald
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-29T14:28:42Z

Algae-covered shale with barnacles.

A close-up photograph of a small section of algae-covered shale with small barnacles attached. The left of the frame shows cracked shale with a light green tone due to the algae. The green drifts towards a deep blue tone at the right of the frame where the barnacles are mostly situated.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-28T20:57:45Z

Rock pool in shale.

A colour photograph of a small rock pool in shale. The pool drifts from olive greens to deep purple with its translucence showing organic material below the surface. The pool sits in a silvery grey background of shale with light horizontal scars running through it.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-28T20:56:57Z

Limpets on shale.

A colour photograph of three limpet shells on a shale bed. The grey, cracked shale dominates the frame with its cracks highlighted by moisture. A small rock pool with three limpets sit on the periphery of the shale at the bottom of the frame.
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-07-28T20:53:52Z

Ein Kundenfenster in einer Behörde mit dem »Geschlossen«-Schild
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-27T16:16:13Z

Scaffold tubes.

A colour photograph of scaffold tubes lying horizontally against each other. The tubes fill the frame with the second top having a scratched blue tone and sections of blue and red paint spattering the third from top.
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-07-27T16:13:54Z

Eine Küche mit zwei Köchen
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-27T16:03:56Z

Vertical fade.

A colour photograph of a section of board with broken white paint scratched away leaving vertical strips on an amber background. The fragmented paint is dotted with spots of other paint, mostly blue and green.
@lclarke522@mastodon.art 2023-07-25T20:06:03Z

The otherworldly vibe of Lomochrome Turquoise in Belmar, NJ, July 17th

The entrance to the 9th Avenue Beach, with a sign that says "Lifeguard off duty." Due to the color-changing properties of the film, the sand is turquoise, and the sky is orange.
@ObsidianUrbex@photog.social 2023-07-25T20:04:47Z

Abandoned inn with wonderful interior, Japan 🇯🇵

Kuroshio Inn is an abandoned and decaying hotel. The lobby features colourful 1970s decor; yellow and orange lamps, and turquoise leather sofas.

Abandoned inn in ruins. There are turquoise chairs, from the ceiling hang orange and yellow lights.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-25T20:02:48Z


A colour photograph showing a section of scratched black plastic box structure with a light mist of white paint on the bottom and residue of rust from contact with a metallic surface at the top of the frame.
@taylorbright@photog.social 2023-07-25T19:59:42Z

Milk trucks in Michigan. Taken with the Rittreck 5x7 and Portra 160.

A cream-colored abandoned milk truck sits in between a tree and a rusted white milk truck in an emerald field as a hill rises up behind it.
@acousticmirror@post.lurk.org 2023-07-25T19:59:05Z

I'm usually an amalgamation of 1 and 3: screaming in fetal position while checking my Mastodon feed on stage.

(This was circulating around the interwebs a couple of years back, but thanks to @flockofnazguls for bringing it over to the .)

A cartoon by Sean Solomon, titled "What kind of noise musician are you?" Nine options are available: - The Web Surfer - Contact Mic Injury - Screaming in Fetal Position - Lots of Stuff on Table - Instrument Played Wrong - Modular Synth Nerd - Circuit Bent Toys - Chains on Cymbals - Blender
@dabowphoto@mastodon.social 2023-07-25T19:58:37Z

Winter trees reflected in a still pond on a misty day in Wilhelminapark, Rijswijk, Netherlands.
Taken with my old Rollei TLR.
Available to purchase as beautiful wall art at:
And as original signed Artist prints at::

A monochrome photograph of a tranquil scene in Wilhelminapark, Rijswijk, Netherlands, on a misty winter morning. The leafless trees, their branches reaching skyward, stand tall along the edges of a serene lake. The water's surface mirrors the surrounding landscape with remarkable clarity, creating a mesmerising reflection of the skeletal trees and the mist above. Toned in a subtle blue-green hue, the image evokes a sense of chilly solitude, encapsulating the essence of a cold winter dawn.
@edelsuesz@mastodon.art 2023-07-24T21:25:58Z

When the Rain Begins to Fall

Schwarzweißfotografie: aus dunklen Wolken fällt entfernt Richtung Horizont Regen, schwarze schräge Streifen über dunkler Landschaft
@edelsuesz@mastodon.art 2023-07-24T16:31:35Z

Rollladen aus Holz

Schwarzweißfotografie: Detailaufnahme eines alten Rollladens aus Holz, helle abgeplatzte, rissige Farbe, gleichmäßige Abstände zwischen den Segmenten
@ursula@pixel.tchncs.de 2023-07-23T10:46:59Z Ich brauche dringend neue Pfützenfotos! Einstweilen eins von vor ein paar Wochen. #APuddleADay #puddlereflections #puddle #photography
Reflexion eines Hauses, in dem sich unten eine "Tierarztpraxis" befindet, in einer Pfütze. Links ist außerdem noch eine Straßenlampe zu sehen. Das ganze wurde um 180 Grad gedreht und dann noch horizontal gespiegelt, sodass man das Schild lesen kann. Reflection of a house, in which a "veterinary practice" is located below, in a puddle. On the left you can also see a street lamp. The whole thing was rotated 180 degrees and then still horizontally mirrored so that you can read the sign.
@ijustmightbe@mastodon.scot 2023-07-23T10:46:25Z

Green to red - composition from rusting steel trailer.

A colour photograph showing an abstarct composition from a partially ruste trailer. The left of the frame is green with evidence of pitting and broken paint while the right and most dominant section is a combination of rust and fragments of red paint. Some drilled holes are evident centre right of the frame.
@freikampf@mastodon.social 2023-07-23T10:45:59Z

Ein beleuchteter Durchgang auf einem Flughafen
@sicolan@mamot.fr 2023-07-23T10:44:18Z


@ObsidianUrbex@photog.social 2023-07-23T10:43:49Z

This abandoned factory produced hand-blown hollowed glass, initially producing glass used to make petroleum lanterns. The huge contraption that dominates these photos is a ring furnace.

This location has the “Lord Of The Rings”, and you can see more photos and read more about the here - obsidianurbexphotography.com/i

A huge rusty machine the middle of a room. There is a furnace in the middle, and a ring of pipes encircle it, hanging from the ceiling above
@SingingLehrerin@sueden.social 2023-07-23T10:42:58Z

Später Beitrag noch zum .

Verzerrte Spiegelung von einer gelben Hauswand mit weißen Sprossenfenstern in bewegtem Wasser. Distorted reflection from a yellow house wall with white windows in moving water.
@logbuch35mm@norden.social 2023-07-23T10:42:35Z

im Kontorenviertel

Eine Hauswand mit vielen Fenstern auf mehreren Stockwerken verteilt, spiegelt sich in einer Pfütze. Die Straße drumherum ist nass vom Regen
@jlajaus@mastodon.art 2023-07-23T10:41:57Z

Boulevard Montmartre

Fotografía en blanco y negro. Boulevard Montmartre. Photowalk Paris.
@nimbledave@mastodon.social 2023-07-23T10:41:41Z

black and white photo of textured concrete wall with narrow vertical windows
@Ambivalena@pixelfed.social 2023-07-23T10:31:20Z The Bridge

#photography #BlackAndWhite #DoubleExposure #mist
An old stone bridge from an early morning last summer. There are trees framing the bridge and it is a bit misty under the bridge but you can still see the reeds on the other side under the bow.